The research activities of environmental geochemistry laboratory are focused on the environmental changes of the lithosphere based on the analyses of physical and chemical properties of the geological materials. New exploration technologies are being developed to understand a thermal history and to predict heat and mass transport phenomena through rock matrix and fracture.

New Research Tool for Geothermics

Prediction of the subterranean heat source and fluid flow is the essential research subjects to characterize geothermal system and its evolution.New techniques, especially thermoluminescence behavior of minerals, are being studied to evaluate geothermal activity as a geothermometry.

2-D Radiation Measurement of Radioactive Nuclides

Using photostimulated luminescence precise 2-D natural radiation image of rocks is obtained.The distribution and migration behavior of natural radioactive nuclides in underground are being characterized with concerning Radon escape.

Water-Rock Interaction

Experimental studies of water-rock interaction under supercritical hydrothermal condition are being conducted to estimate chemical stability of deep-steated high temperature geothermal reservoir.

Fractal Fracture Network

Since fractures in rock mass are the most important heat and mass transport pass in the Earth’s crust,studies on characterization and modeling of natural fracture network using Fractal geometry are being conducted.